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Who am I, you ask?!

I’m Jose and I’m a nerd, geek, musician, sysadmin, and developer based out of North Texas. I’m a musician-turned-linux-nerd (flutist) and consider myself a free software advocate! If you’re looking for the professional stuff, best thing to do is check me out on Linkedin.

On the internet and freenodeIRC, you can generally find me as komish. I didn’t get that nick everywhere (case and point: twitter), so if in doubt, double check with me.

And what are you going to find here, you ask!?

If all goes to plan, some writing on my experiences playing with various software stacks. You’ll also find random chatter about my hobbies and interests–which includes but is not limited to:

I don’t take life too seriously so if a meme crawls into a post, I hope it made you laugh!

I do aim to be accurate and clear in my writing, especially content that is intended to be instructional or educational. If I haven’t reached you effectively in an article, reach out to me on twitter or file an issue here.

I’ve spread falsities, you say!?

If you see an inaccuracy or a misrepresentation of some technical concept, let’s get it fixed as soon as possible! Reach out to me on twitter or file an issue here.