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Owning your Publications

Posted at — Mar 12, 2021

I don’t remember exactly what I was browsing when I came across the IndieWeb.

The idea is pretty interesting, and basically boils down to your own personal site being the source of communications originating from you. It’s especially useful in the world of social media that we currently live in.

It had me thinking about this blog. Aside from unsolved logistics related to being able to submit a post via my phone or tablet going unsolved so far, there’s certainly a lack of ability to link things on this site to any kind of social.

I thought about what it would take to build tooling to bridge this page and other sites. The example workflow would involve taking posts that show up in the RSS feed of this site having a specific tag (such as “micro”, which I’ve applied to this post, though that tag name might change) would get automatically posted to an external social media location.

It seems simple enough to pull off, but I feel like this tooling already exists and I just need to find it.

Just some food for thought.