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App Spotlight: Magic Survival

Posted at — Mar 15, 2021

I’ve decided to start featuring some new content themes on this blog. Aside from providing some variety to the existing content goals, I think it’ll end up serving me nicely as a public bookmarking engine for when I inevitably uninstall apps or games just to forget about them entirely when I look for them in the future.

I was an avid PC gamer in my younger days. These days, I have the bandwidth to support roughly a ten to fifteen minute contiguous session of gaming. Even better if I can do so from arbitrary locations, which almost exclusively rules out most PC gaming.

Today’s spotlight is on a game called Magic Survival.


The basic gameplay is simple. Your character is displayed on the center of the screen. Your only control is a joystick which you use to move around the map.

Your character automatically fires off shots at hordes of enemies that spawn on the map as you run around. Your responsibility is to survive.

As you run around the map and destroy enemies, you gain experience points. With each advancement in level, you’ll be presented with a selection of abilities that you can advance. The higher the level of your abilities, the more effective they are at destroying enemies. Build interesting combinations of abilities and items (“artifacts”) found on your mission as you run around trying to stay alive.

Survive as long as you can.


The game is incredibly addictive, but also gives you a natural stopping point whenever you have succombed at the hands of your enemies. It’s reminiscent of games like Risk of Rain, or the Binding of Isaac. It features a sole goal of “surviving” and really executes the genre quite well.

It seems to integrate with Google Play game saves as well, so your game and progress should be accessible across multiple devices (if that’s your thing).


The game does feature ads, but the ads are non-intrusive and occur at the end of your run. In addition, it seems like you can exchange an ad-watch for continuing your run, but this violates my need for sessions to end pretty quickly after they start. And well… I failed to survive, so I’ll take my loss gracefully when it happens the first time.

For those that are ad-averse, there is a USD 3.99 option to purchase