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Notification Overload with Gmail and Google Chat After Merge

Posted at — Apr 27, 2021

Google seems to be transitioning from Google Hangouts to Google Chat. I’m generally of the opinion that this change is acceptable (even though Google Chat is pretty lacking in features compared to other similar chat applications, regardless, it gets the job done).

That said, I just noticed that Google Chat was reorganized under the domain (i.e. The adverse affect to that seems to be that I now have to enable desktop notifications for the domain in my browser in order to receive notifications that I’ve received a new message.

This is less than ideal, as I end up getting new email notifications as well (and I prefer not to have those, in favor of checking my email at marked points in the day).

As an alternative, it seems I can install as Google Chat application as a “native” application which should reduce the need for additional notification surface. Historically I’ve preferred to keep them in the browser so I have one application in my app-switcher (alt/cmd+tab), but perhaps I’ll make an exception. On the other hand, perhaps disabling notifications altogether makes the most sense as an alternative.

Just an interesting side effect!