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An Effective Approach to HTTP API Error Handling

Posted at — May 18, 2021

I enjoy testing and learning about various different approaches to software design paradigms.

I’m not really sure where the interest started, but I noticed the interest pique while reading Head First: Design Patterns.

Perhaps that’s where it began.

A majority of my enjoyment in reading Head First: Design Patterns stemmed from finding out that these patterns had names, identifiable concepts, and clear problems that they solved. Of course, the fact that these patterns solved various problems in software development was a given, but the reality is that seeing them in the wild means that you don’t always know the problem that they solve when you encounter them.

But even outside of the common design patterns, seeing various patterns that developers have cooked up and placed intentionally into their code is very interesting to me. Even better if it has an explanation!

Now, to the core subject of this particular post - error handling. I’ve dabbled with a couple of approaches to error handling in small projects I’ve built for myself. With that said, I’ve never been incredibly happy with )any of them.

The next one I intend to try and use is covered by Joe Shaw in his blog post entitled Error Handling in Go HTTP Applications.

The key idea that I really like is the concept of API-safe errors, which are those that your service’s users should see, and how those can safely include wrapped user-unfriendly errors without exposing internal details about your service’s functionality. It’s an important distinction to draw, and I think the way Joe implements it is effectively. I can’t wait to give it a shot.

Give the post a read!